Red Bull Discovery Lab

September 2020 was the moment for the Red Bull Discovery Lab, a collab game design workshop assembling champion Red Bull Mind Gamers, MIT and NASA space brains to explore the extreme powers of play.

Discovery Lab Mind Gamers

The Finale: Discovery Lab

A year of intellectual, creative and strategic challenges ended in September 2020 with the Red Bull Discovery Lab. Alongside leaders from MIT and NASA, Red Bull’s ultimate Mind Gamers submerged themselves in a week-long exploration of how play affects humanity and how the mind behaves in space.

Wrap up

The brightest Mind Gamers worked side by side with the MIT Game Lab to create a puzzle challenge idea, from A to Z. They learned the basics of how to design a puzzle, where to draw inspiration from when creating a storyline and how to a develop a coherent sequence of puzzles for a whole interactive experience. "One Small Squeak" - the result of a week-long collaboration game design workshop - is an online puzzle-solving contest set aboard a spaceship.

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