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The logic chamber is the domain of reason, deduction, and pattern recognition. Use those skills to examine the smaller details and draw a larger picture from them.

Watch the video carefully and use your logic to solve the puzzles and get ahead in the Mind Gamers Arena. Once you think you have the answers, submit your solution below.

Only the finest Mind Gamers have what it takes to enter the arena and solve the challenges inside.

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Puzzle #1

In this puzzle, there are three robots, each with a different task and a different time for each task. Using only the provided clues, and your logic skill, determine which robot belongs to which task and which time.
Submit your solution below.

Puzzle #2

You wake up locked in a basement storeroom. To escape, you’ll need to get through the locked wooden door without falling in the pit. You can use any item you can see or logically determine to be in the containers to aid in your escape. Devise your best escape plan using logic and creativity.
Submit your solution below. Please keep your answer under 500 words.