Challenge ACTIVE

Are you the Ultimate Mind Gamer?

After 6 previous mind skill challenges, Red Bull Mind Gamers is launching the ultimate Mind Gamer challenge.

Prove your skills and solve the puzzle below, for the chance to win a spot at the Red Bull Discovery Lab.

Get started! Watch the video and explore the games.

Use your mind skills to reboot the system and solve the final challenge below!

Get started!

Think you have what it takes to be one of our ultimate Mind Gamers? Submit your challenge entry below.

Puzzle #1

Have you looked everywhere? What is the secret code needed to reboot the system?
Search for the clues hidden around the mind skill games.
Submit your answer below.

Puzzle #2

Prove you are the ultimate Mind Gamer! Let us know why you should take part in the Red Bull Discovery Lab! Make sure you have a strong argument and an original answer. We will evaluate your submission and choose the best Mind Gamer out there!
Please keep your answer under 500 words.