The goal of the Challenge was to create an all-new puzzle prototype inspired by a real life toy, in the same way that Alexey Pajitnov was inspired to create Tetris, 35 years ago, after playing with a simple plastic set of pentomino puzzle pieces. The challenge kicked off in January with a call for action at the Global Game Jam and below are the nominees. It’s now up to puzzle fans from all over the world to decide who will get the chance to go to Hawaii to show the game to Pajitnov and get some valuable feedback from the man who created one of the world’s most popular puzzle games of all time.

Voting is now over! But check the top 5 nominees below:


Build the hive! In this minimalist puzzle game, just tap and drag the honeycomb clusters to match the outline of the hive’s shape. Play on Worker or Drone Bee mode or challenge yourself to Queen Bee levels.
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Mooving In

MOOVING IN is a physics puzzle game where we build a house for ewe. As an ideal estate developer, you must beavery thoughtful!
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Room With a View

Home is the way you choose to live your life.?A Room with a View is a party game where you must keep your house in balance as rooms accumulate all around you. Move left and right and use space to pick up and drop items around your current floor. Once you move on, there’s no going back, and as you grow up, you’ll find there’s always more to balance. Keep your cool and stay in balance throughout the journey of life.
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Sock Friend

Home is staying in bed as long as possible. Even if your kid doesn’t agree.
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The Cloister

Decipher the symbols and click and drag the torches to connect them in the correct shape to solve the puzzle. Try to solve all 20 trials of The Cloister!
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