First it was Hungary, now it’s the United Kingdom. After the success of the first ever 2017 Red Bull Escape Room World Championship in Budapest, the battle returns in spring to once again bring together brilliant minds from around the world to compete in the second World Championship, this time in UK’s capital city London.

Escape room enthusiasts and experts had the chance to qualify for this exceptional event via After a successful first qualifier round, the best participants entered the second round and teamed up with three other mind gamers in qualifier events throughout more than 23 countries, among others Australia, Germany, India, Estonia, USA or Brazil. The fastest team per country plus a wild card team, respectively 96 participants, will now get the chance to compete in the World Championship and solve the all-new and specifically created escape room named “Omni’s Escape“ by mastermind Dr. Scott Nicholson and his team.

The mission: Omni’s Escape

Dr. Scott Nicholson is one of the lead creators in escape room design and Director of the BGNlab at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Canada. Together with his team he is in charge of the brand new room design for the second World Championship, where the aspirants of this unique title will show their sublime problem-solving skills.

The game is called “Omni’s Escape“, an escape room inspired by hacking concepts, designed to challenge the participants in 6 problem solving skills: creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy and will be the final hurdle before becoming World Champion. The room was built with the help of Escape Live UK. “In this year’s game the players had been recruited by a company called White Hat, which is a good hacking organization. White Hat has an artificial intelligent agent known as Omni. But things aren’t quite right“, explains Nicolson, a former visiting professor at MIT.

Respectively in teams of four, the mind gamers will work closely together throughout the game and express their brightest mind skills to solve the mysterious story before time runs out.

“There are going to be two rounds: We have the semi-finals which are three ten-minute challenges and the two teams who complete those challenges in the fastest period of time will go on to the finals. The finals are going to feel a lot more like a traditional escape room. We have brought on some of last year’s competitors and they have helped us to ensure that we have something that feels like an escape room but still has all six areas of the Red Bull Mind Gamers“, says Dr. Nicholson. “In order to the finalists becoming winners in this game, they are going to have to communicate and have to know who is good at what kind of task in their team“.

Qualified countries

Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, USA.

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