Puzzles, brain games and riddles have a long tradition.

In the recent years, new perspectives and though-provoking takes on casual puzzle design can be observed. One of the latest developments in puzzle gaming and thought-provoking challenges of the mind is the Red Bull Mind Gamers platform.

Red Bull Mind Gamers brings together mind gamers of all levels, to challenge their problem-solving skills, play games developed by some of the brightest minds in the industry and explore mind challenges in online and offline form. Red Bull Mind Gamers’ home is the online platform that kicks off annual real-world challenges in all parts of the world.

The platform highlights best practice example games that can be played for free. New games and their designers are being highlighted throughout the year. The games on the platform should not take longer than 30 minutes and are contextualised by a gamified backend where players can collect „mind skill points“ by completing the games.

With Red Bull Mind Gamers we are interested in pushing puzzle online games to a broader level and to motivate designer to create innovative playful games that challenge different mind skills. The games are designed to challenge six mind skills – logic, strategy, creativity, visual thinking, musical intelligence and memory.

As a hub for puzzle solvers and escape roomers alike we push the boundaries of the brightest minds in the world.

MindGame Game Jam

Red Bull Mind Gamers now opens the platform for some of the brightest minds to put on their challenges: With the MindGame Jam at 42 University in Paris, organised by Playful Solutions, School 42 and Red Bull France, Red Bull Mind Gamers calls students create challenges for the problem-solving-hungry community of puzzle solvers and escape room enthusiasts.

Date: 2nd till 4th of Feb Location: Paris @School 42 Participants: Students of 42, Art of Design Students and Game design students Participants count: 150 People

Invited experts and teachers will help the participants while they create games for the platform.

More info and sign up here: