With just 24 hours to go until the start of Semi-Finals for the Mission: Unlock Enoch World Finals, the last national champion teams arrived at Budapest International Airport on Wednesday, and the first order of business was giving up their digital devices.

It’s mandatory in the rules so that no team gets an advantage through connection with the outside world, and they won’t get them back until one team has earned the championship title by solving a cutting-edge Escape Room somewhere in the Hungarian capital. So what’s a gamer to do? With teamwork being a recognized key to success, some of the four-person crews went on a team-building exercise, exploring the city that put Escape Rooms on the map and playing games at the same time.

Team Sweden, Team Germany and Team Italy were among those who touched down Wednesday morning after finishing their final training sessions at home.

Deciding to take inspiration from Budapest’s renowned exterior architecture before facing a closed Escape Room, the Italians and Germans joined for a tour of iconic landmarks, even playing with a Rubik’s Cube on the Chain Bridge across the Danube. In the Buda Castle Funicular (Budavári Sikló), they climbed to the “Fisherman’s Bastion” to check out panoramic views, aware that the city below ignited an Escape Room craze in 2011 that has fueled their own passion for the game today. Then they joined the Hungarian locals and took a dip in the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, bringing along a chessboard to sharpen their wits at the famous spa.


The Escape Room World Championship that culminates in this week’s Mission: Unlock Enoch World Finals is the first global, real-life challenge based on the new Red Bull Mind Gamers platform.

Teams from 24 countries will vie in a never-before-seen Escape Room during Semi-Finals on Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24, with the top two battling it out live in front of a worldwide audience in the World Championship Final on Saturday, March 25, 2017.