To provide a competitive challenge for the best masterminds out there, we kicked-off “Mission: Unlock Enoch“: a real-world challenge, created by Playful Solutions, inspired by ‘MindGamers’ the movie by Terra Mater and by an Escape Room Game Jam hosted at MIT Game Lab.

In Mission: Unlock Enoch players do not only play in solitude, as in most puzzle games, but can team up, combine their mind skills and compare their results on a national and international level. It evolves from a global online single-player game, through multi-player real-world Qualifier events to a final Escape Room Tournament.

The final escape room will be created by escape room designer Scott Nicholson and game design students Robert Durant, Sean Harrison, and Chris Tenuta from the BGNlab at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and produced by Fox in the Box.

National Qualifier events are going on a multi-city tour throughout the whole world, with 22 countries hosting more than 75 events. At the events teams of 4 players need to solve puzzles within 20 minutes, based on 4 skills: logic, creativity, visual thinking and strategy.

The fastest team per country qualifies for the final stage of the competition: a global Escape Room Tournament, hosted in Budapest, Hungary, on March 25 2017.

To take part in Mission: Unlock Enoch and qualify for the Escape Room World Finals, players need to go through two stages:

1st: Online: A single-player puzzle, for players to qualify for the next stage.

2nd: Real-life Qualifier Events: More than 75 qualifier events in 21 countries. Players from a team of 4 & unlock a computer cube with 4 screens within 20 minutes.

3rd: World Finals: The fastest teams per country step up and will be invited to a trip Budapest to the Mission: Unlock Enoch World Finals in March 2017, where they will enter a never before seen Escape Room based on quantum logic.

The global winner team will be invited to a puzzle design workshop at the MIT Game Lab.

Why is an international competition like “Mission: Unlock Enoch” important to those who like to challenge themselves mentally?

Dr. Konstantin Mitgutsch, Affiliate Researcher at the MIT Game Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Founder and Managing Director, Playful Solutions, Vienna: "We all like to be challenged on a mental level but most puzzle games are played in solitude. In "Mission: Unlock Enoch" players can team up, combine their mind skills and compare their results on a national and international level. We want to provide a competitive space for the best masterminds out there."

His tips for participating teams: „Only the one team that is capable of all mind skills and is able to well and smartly communicate with each other will be able to win MISSION: UNLOCK ENOCH"

Next stops for Red Bull Mind Gamers’ MISSION: UNLOCK ENOCH:

Houston, TX 5-6.12.2016
Lincoln, 7.12.2016
Dallas, TX 21-22.1.2017
Austin, TX 25-26.1.2017
Detroit, MI 28.1.2017
Berkeley, 27 & 28.1.2017
Atlanta, GA 30-31.1.2017

Manchester, 7.12.16

Istanbul, 6-8.12.2016
Istanbul, 9-11.12.2016

Odesa, 10-11.12.2016
Lviv, 17.12.2016

More infos to all events & online qualification: