A team of elite mind gamers from Slovakia have officially proven themselves the best and fastest problem solvers in the world following two days of mind boggling competitive escape room action at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London.

Brainteaselava and Croatian team TG 170 outperformed competitors from 21 other countries in the intricate qualifiers on Friday before going head to head in ‘Omni’s Escape,’ the world’s toughest escape room, purpose built for the competition by escape room mastermind Dr Scott Nicholson and his team. Brainteaselava were crowned the World Champions after completing Omni’s Escape in an incredible show of mental agility in just 27 minutes,16 seconds, more than 10 minutes faster than their Croatian rivals.

The sharpest mind gamers from over 20 countries including the UK, Australia, Germany, India, Estonia, USA and Brazil qualified for the world championship in unique qualifier events in their respective countries last year and tonight Slovakia emerged as the world’s fastest problem solvers. The Semi-Final took place on Friday and saw all teams undertake three custom built ten minute challenges to determine the two fastest teams who would go on to attempt ‘Omni’s Escape.’ The grand final room was made up of four rooms designed to test participants in six problem solving skills: creativity, logic, visual thinking, musicality, memory and strategy.

After the success of the inaugural 2017 Red Bull Escape Room World Championship in Budapest, the battle returned once again to bring together brilliant and subtle minds from around the world to compete in the second World Championship in London.

“It’s amazing. We haven’t been world champions yet so it’s a great feeling. It was really exciting across the whole two days, we didn’t know what to expect,” said Emil Haas from Brainteaselava. “We weren’t sure how well we did and the other team was really strong, but in the end it turns out we were faster, and the fastest!”

“We are pretty satisfied with the results. We came up short but it doesn’t matter, we had a lot of fun and they deserved it, they were a better team than us for sure,” said Dominik Erbeznik from TG 170.

“With the World Finals this year we tackled an ethical question, does AI have rights? Omni is an AI agent that wants to leave White Hat Laboratories and we hope that players will think about this when they order their devices around!” Said Dr Scott Nicholson. “We also worked very hard this year to reduce the cultural bias around the escape room so that everyone had a chance to win.”

Here are the split times from the Finals:

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Finals Times:

Brainteaselava (Slovakia): 27:16:850

TG 170 (Croatia): 38:06:250

Finals Room 1

Brainteaselava (Slovakia): 09:57:430

TG 170 (Croatia): 15:00:00

Finals Room 2

Brainteaselava (Slovakia): 06:01:570

TG 170 (Croatia): 05:17:850

Finals Room 3

Brainteaselava (Slovakia): 06:47:660

TG 170 (Croatia): 11:55:810

Finals Room 4

Brainteaselava (Slovakia): 04:30:190

TG 170 (Croatia): 05:52:590

Red Bull Escape Room World Championship Semi-Finals Times:

  • 1- Croatia - 21:57:23
  • 2- Slovakia - 23:26:19
  • 3- Belgium - 23:34:91
  • 4- UK - 23:42:63
  • 5- Estonia - 23:42:98
  • 6- Greece - 24:09:61
  • 7- Latvia - 24:25:85
  • 8- France - 24:44:23
  • 9- USA - 25:06:98
  • 10- Wildcard - 25:44:74
  • 11- Brazil - 25:51:62
  • 12- Switzerland - 26:08:06
  • 13- Germany - 26:34: 20
  • 14- Portugal - 26:36:07
  • 15- Ukraine - 27:31:26
  • 16- Lithuania - 27:43:93
  • 17- Slovenia - 27:58:80
  • 18- Austria - 28:03:13
  • 19- Turkey - 28:04:05
  • 20- India - 28:32:08
  • 21- Australia - 20:08:41
  • 22- Russia - 29:38:93

All Photos: Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool