What is Red Bull Mind Gamers?

Red Bull Mind Gamers is a place for people to expand their minds and challenge their skills. Play an eclectic collection of mind-bending puzzles and engage in regular challenges that test your mind skills in all sorts of ways. If solo challenges aren’t enough, then go global with Red Bull Mind Gamers to challenge other players, from your friends to the best players around the world.

Red Bull Mind Gamers: Think Brilliant.


Red Bull Mind Gamers celebrates thinkers and is looking for the best minds out there.

Test your thinking across six different skills, from strategic, visual, musical, creative and logical thinking to memory and go up against the best thinkers in the world.

The Ultimate Mind Gamers

Enter the Mind Arena and prove your skills in order to be part of the elite circle of the ultimate Mind Gamers. Use your skills and originality to submit the best challenge answers and you can be part of the top.

The most popular submissions will be open to public vote and the winner will make it to the final destination: the Red Bull Discovery Lab. And if the challenges aren’t enough for you, you can book the wildcard spot by taking part in the Final Challenge - coming up in May 2020.

Red Bull Discovery Lab

The Red Bull Discovery Lab will take place in September 2020 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and will tackle a real life problem from different angles. Speakers, workshops and team play will round up the experience for the 7 ultimate Mind Gamers.

The Red Bull search for the ultimate Mind Gamers

Over the next months, you’ll need to demonstrate your brainpower by solving six challenges, each based on a different mind skill: memory, creativity, musicality, strategy, visual thinking, and logic.

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Challenge Winners

No more spots to fill!
Exercise your mind skills and join in the search for the ultimate Mind Gamers. The brightest minds will make it to the final destination: the Red Bull Discovery Lab.

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